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Ferrari broke almost record-breaking auction

ferraiMarket analysts believe that there are some classic cars recession. But these cars, but lack of buyers. The rise in the price of an old classic car auction will be ashamed to hear of modern luxury vehicles. Ferrari auction record garalo such a car. It had touched a record of nearly 35.7 million dollars!

1957 Ferrari 335 Spider model S is the car auction. The car’s body has brandinana skyagaliyeti Collection Auction House. The car brings artakuriyala auction. The car has been sold to European currencies. Artakuriyala and European cars did not sell any more at the auction. 6263 Ferrari 014 GT in the oneals record sales.

Now the question is, why is the price of a car this big? Is it OK overall judgment? When it comes to actually making price comparisons, there is nothing around. This time, however, the creation of “state-of-the-art enhanced. As well as several other cars were also made by. Over the years, several resarera hand over the necklace snatched the victory.

Race cars are now made of? The list included Peter Collins, Maurice trinatigananta, olaphagyam von Trips, Mike hautharna, luigi muso, mastena Gregory, Moss and Land rebhentalo striralim. Kansatrakatarasa to win the World title in 1957, was the ringleader of the car.

The car was a one-time collection of Pierre brandinanasa. The car is one of the world’s nikhumtatama RC cars were made. Beauty, rarity, history and success in resinye unique vehicle. The second is no.