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Wonderful seafloor dangerous animals

animalsA variety of strange creatures and fearsome Ocean will amaze you. They are of different colors, such as, again, just a different method of hunting. Some lingata may change with age, some ugly looks terrible!
1. Dragon phisa
Usually two kilometers deep in the sea dragon fees. Hatching until it is positioned at the bottom of the sea. Bioluminescence is the light at the bottom of the sea. The dragon teeth of the lower jaw are used to hunt fish.
II. Frilled shark
Frilled shark, called a living fossil Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean can be seen. This time round the quarry and prey like a snake swallowed.
3. Vampire skuida
Big eyes deep sea creatures live. Although it does not drink the blood of the vampire’s name at all. Perhaps big eyes red and his name as a cloak for implantation in the body.
4. Large red jeliphisa
The highlight of jellyfish can grow up to 1 meter in length. Along with the name of the animal skin color light red color.
5. Selpa
This tiny sea animals that eat carbon bed is very beneficial for our Earth.
6. Blue circle paint aktopasa
This is the most dangerous predator of the sea. The poison is very strong. Blue circle drawn around the body, to see if toxic, but nice.
7. Ghost shark –
Not too much is known about this creature. Crooked teeth are terrible and strange, but every time it has been seen in the physical structure of the phantom shadows to really feel the fishermen left.
8. Macha coffin
The pink color of the fish in a small fish in a coffin, which is swollen like a balloon. The body of a small cut. They are proud of their balloon may be a lot bigger.
9. Zombie krimi
The parasitic worms that live in whale bones. The bowel, rectum or mouth there is nothing.
10. Blue perata phisa
This beautiful blue sea creature found in the Atlantic Ocean. Their food is the sand and stone, moss stagnant. 80 percent of the time they spend on a meal out.
11. Jeli ciruni
I think they will be a small group of floating light. They, like other marine animals Bio-luminescence method does not create light, but the body uses hair as cirunira.