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Valentine jello cake recipe!

jiliGive loved ones a surprise.Ingredients: half a cup of flour. 3 eggs. Beikim half a teaspoon of powder. 1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence. Half a cup of sugar (powder). A drop of food coloring (like color).

For cream: 100 grams of butter. Icing sugar 1 cup. Half teaspoon Vanilla Essence.

Bitter melted butter at room temperature with a lot of time to do a bit better. Icing sugar to two, using the good bits. Get a little bit more with the Vanilla Essence. Will be cream.

Need more: a packet of jello powder. Hartaseipa cookie cutters and cake dishes beikim.

Method: In a dry bowl mix together the flour and sieve powder beikim Keep the inheritance. Beat eggs and sugar together in a bowl. Make better krimibhaba burst. Essence add food coloring and vanilla.

Then pour a spoon or spatula to mix the powder with flour and gently beikim well mixed day.

Beikim cake dish, brush with olive oil and spread the papers beikim. Pour the concoction. Beika oven to 170 degrees Celsius temperature for 10 minutes to 1.

In this manner, using two colors can make the color cakes.

The jello cake for a cake dish spread beikim. With a layer of cream on the beautiful day. Another cake is then spread on the bottom of the cake. The writing on the packet of jello powder mix Pour over cake. Or can be set out for the refrigerator to keep.

When the set jello cake, cookie cutter heart seipada cut through very carefully. Serve.

Note: the height of the wide use to keep the same beikim dishes. You can also change the jelly cream.