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Interesting drinks yogurt juice

juiceThirst, heat, cold drinks can be comfortable like to meet? Many people quite enjoy cold drinks cold on the inside. Moreover, there is no pair of drinks entertain guests. If this is so delicious yogurt drink, but do not have the words. Quick to learn the recipe is easy to make juice beverage.

Which will

Sweet yogurt 1 cup yogurt 1 cup cold water 3 cups, ice chopped 1 cup salt, 1 pinch, a bit of salt, half a teaspoon, lebupata 5 to 6, mint leaves 7 to 8, mustard powder 1 teaspoon, chili 1, sugar.

How to Do

All materials must be blended together. The mixture should be thin and strain through a clean cloth. This lovely piece of glass from 3 Pour juice over the ice. I like to serve the needs of the occurrence.