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Google’s search chief to retire

googleGoogle’s search chief Amit singala or to retire. February 6 singalera away. He was on the executive of the Department of Artificial Intelligence. Bloomberg news agency said in a report.

Google joined singala 000. Since then, the Internet search engine Google is leading the technical development team. Under his leadership, Google search engine, quick, smart, and makes use of mobile devices. Google search calculators, adding the weather has worked with a variety of issues.

In a post on Google Plus singala wrote, “When I started, we suggest a span of only 15 years in this state can bring. The question of whether Google, the information will be brought out. The company sees the face of the reality of my favorite Star Trek. I had the idea, it is more than anything. “

Taking responsibility jiyananedra Google search technology analysts are expected to be further improved. He joined Google in 010. Technology has worked.