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SIM registration mobile teams to stop harassment: Tarana

simThe customer will take steps to stop the harassment of biometric system of registration of SIM Ministry of Telecommunications.
The Ministry of SIM registration and regulatory system to stop harassment “mobile teams” will be at the state Tarana Halim said.

SIM card registration in various locations around the city on Wednesday after a number of Mirpur section, he told reporters.

Tarana Halim said, “Consumers see mobile teams are being harassed. If the operators have to pay something to prove allegations of harassment. “

How many “mobile teams” to work in the field to inform the minister said, “is illegal handset to retrieve some of the other teams in the field. They will work on. “

Earlier, on January 8 at the mobile phone operator’s chief executive officer and a meeting with representatives of the state, ” SIM registration is to collect money from customers for Facebook was getting a lot of complaints. But there is also the opportunity to make money from their customers. ”

After the meeting, he said, punahnibandhanera SIM registration or if the money collected from the customer, the retailer ‘blacklist its approval will be canceled.

The biometric system of registration of mobile phone SIM on December 16 was introduced. As a result, customers are now unable to buy new SIM without fingerprints. In addition, re-introduced the old SIM calachenibandhana program is scheduled to end in April.