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Strawberry is the easiest way to create muja (recipe and video)

foodThe market has a variety of strawberry dessert made with fruit and has begun already. Strawberry flavor is better, and the strawberries in a food muja. But many omukho muja are not difficult to create. Let’s have a look at a very simple and hassle-free marsamyalo create a recipe with strawberries muja.

– 50 grams of strawberries
– 150 g marsamelo
– Custer 5 grams of sugar or sugar
– 100 ml of water
– 00 ml Double cream

1) Wash straberigulora Pap exceeded. Take a small piece of the larger marsamyalo cut.
Ii) a non-stick saucepan elevate medium heat. The strawberries, water and sugar through the day.
3) straberigulo between 3-4 minutes will begin to be soft. Take off the heat and crush them with a spoon.
4) between the marsamyaloguloke the day. Stir with a spoon, you will see these hot melting strawberry. Shake shake mix. Take a hot stove again galale not completely burned, but certainly not more than a few seconds. Marsamyalo melt can be mixed with strawberries and cream will be nice. Let it cool.
5) turn to whip the double cream. Pour 00 ml double cream and a Bowl with an electric beta huiska until it is huipada Creamy soft and phlaphi.
6) Pour a Bowl of strawberries and mix marsamyalora. Double Fold mix it with the cream.
In this muja you can pour a glass or bowl and leave refrigerated distribution. Keep it in the refrigerator for at least two hours to be set. Serve with strawberries and a strawberry on out muja.