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The first published song top in 60 countries !

bichtra24First published in 60 countries ganatii iTunes debut album reaches the top. One Direction singer Jae, a former owner of the first album of the band, “The Mind of the first song maina ‘pilotaka” was published in January of this year. ‘Mind of mine’ album ‘pilotaka’ footage showed the owner of the song. The song has topped the list of 60 countries in the iTunes Music. The owner overjoyed tweeted, “It’s unbelievable … I can not believe. … I love you all.” Bhidiocitratite Jae owner Jiji Hadid took part in his super model girlfriend. His 3-year-old singer Jae owners’ pilotaka wrote on Twitter after publishing it comes to a quick discussion.

Jae song to express the owner said, “I think that this song about it, and I fully transparent about it.” He said, everyone has something to say about sex. This is a significant part of life. Carpet is not to hide under it. And there is the need to talk. Jiji Jae-like relationship with their bhidiocitratio has triggered worldwide. Jae build a relationship with the owner, who came to the US before the US model and actress, singer, and actor Joe Jonas Jiji Hadid. After the split with Jonas Australian singer Cody Simpson’s relationship with Jiji. In 015 he ended samparkatirao. Jiji Jae fell in love with the owner of the 016-Hadid. Female First. Indo-Asian News.