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Best taste faluda.

faludaThere are very few people who do not like faluda. Faluda yummy flavors can not be compared to the icy cold obsession. Faluda entertain guests quite useful. Members of the breakfast could be a sudden surprise faluda fun than you. Quick to learn to create a simple recipe faluda. Come and taste with the butt of family members.

Which will

Sabu half a cup of grain, 1 glass of condensed milk, half a cup of Condensed Milk, amount of sugar, 1 cup of cooked noodles, julienne strips pistachio nuts, cashew nuts 1 table spoon, strawberry, mango and banana two tablespoons of chopped, cut, apples, grapes into julienne strips 1 teaspoon amount of ice cream, ice frill amount, jelly small amount of soul-aphaja.

How to Do

Sabu’s grain boiled with water. Condensed milk, Condensed Milk and sugar together with the frequent heat to cool and keep in refrigerator. The first phases of a service bowl or glass noodles boiled sago grains and condensed milk after day. Now, the two flavors ice cream, nuts ruck, the condensed milk, noodles, fruit pieces, chopped Mawa and finally condensed milk, jello, ice chips, and the soul-aphaja serve arbitrarily arranged. Faluda taste in diameter fell.