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Suman Anwar’s mother in law Tisha!

Sumon-AnwarDay two of the most popular language has made great play of Sumon Anwar. He is a continuation of the play for the third sequel to the language of the day. The sequel to the ‘language and mother. “

And the great Nusrat Imroz Tisha actress will be presented with a character. However, manufacturers also plays a big camakati is played. Tisha her marriage, she appears to be.

The government also is performing artist plays Apu, Shahajhan, Kislu, Ejaz Bari and those yaripha.

Sen. satyena dramatize the story and directed by Anwar Suman. Viewers will see the story of the play tisake a Bengali Muslim family as a girl. Tisha hijabe veil is married to a Muslim family, Urdu speaking. The family continues to fight for his own Tisha pratimuhurta Bengali language.

Suman Anwar said, “My mother has played the role Tisha drama. Tisha can be seen in the drama, I went to her marriage. “

Suman said, the drama of the story background of the previous decades. So the hijab, Punjabi, etc. aspects of the tire has to be relevant. International Mother Language Day was highlighted ahead of the play created. It will be aired on the occasion of the great Language Day 1 Bangla Vision screen.