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Sarees care.

Sarees-care.The woman became filled with Sarees harness. As always, use or hobby in many sari. Others took up the hobby Gold care. However, gold is not just the verdict, as well as to take proper care of. Diamonds may be lost or your hobbies. Let’s know nii

1. Will be the place to keep clothes dry, or are afraid of fungus infection.

2. Nyapathalina saree folds, black cumin, neem leaves, etc. Keep, do not cut the worm.

3. Used and unused gold sari 3 months 6 months wash out.

4. Why not keep the gold cupboard or trunk, it can cut the leakage is not a rat or cockroach or gold.

5. It does not rust the steel cupboard, it is a waste of gold.

6. If gold can be noticed between the wooden cupboard cupboard decay is not covered, or gold can be cut.

7. Wash the gold rules.

8. Take a few minutes to come from the outside air to dry the sweat sari, or may stain.

9. Keep up the cotton sari dress down in the wind, to keep for a long time avoided the mother.

10. Georgette and chiffon saris shed water to wash, do not ,  gold Keep roll, and of course this Keep neem leaves or black cumin.