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Foods that reduce gastroenteritis.


Suffering from regular bowel problems, severe impact on the livelihoods. Pain in the abdomen with 5 minutes to go to the toilet after not care if it’s ridiculous. Diarrhea, nausea and stomach problems may be caused by catching the clincher. Upset stomach or indigestion or stomach problems for various reasons may be. Rotten or stale bread from becoming infected with the virus can cause stomach problems. There are certain foods that may fix the problem, which really hit the stomach.

The meal is:

1. Bananas
Potassium is beneficial for the heart is the ultimate banana raising large amounts of energy. abdominal tissue digestion, which does not create. Banana, which helps drainage of intestinal waste. Khan is suffering from diarrhea in the arts. Those who took part in the marathon are advised to eat bananas increasing their strength.

2. Papaya
Belly  the tropical fruit papaya quiet. Papaya is to encourage assimilation, indigestion and kota Difficulty away and away. This is because the multiplication of papaya cures exist and  protein called an enzyme that helps break and stomach healthy  relaxed atmosphere.

3. White rice
When your stomach disorder, the most appropriate white food, such as white rice, toast or boiled potatoes, etc. These foods help to ease the diarrhea.

4. Ginger
It has been proven in numerous studies, ginger overall digestion and nausea mood to remedy. Chew a piece of ginger tea or ginger digest a heavy meal is eaten. In children, stomach pain and speed ginger eliminate the problem.

5. Apple sosis
Pektinera like apples and bananas, which are excellent sources able to reduce the symptoms of diarrhea. If you suffer from stomach bugs to eat an apple instead apelasasa Khan. Sajama helpful because a lot of cooking apples.

6. Curd
Most dairy foods are harmful to the stomach virus, but a bowl of plain iyogarata will be just the opposite. Yogurt increases the production of intestinal good bacteria, removes flatulence and helps digestion. Accept organic yogurt to restore the body’s balance.

7. Herbal tea
Peppermint or chamomile tea can ease the healing power of stomach problems. A recent study found that peppermint can reduce colon pain. IBS, as well as the problems of menthol might make it easier to remove and nausea.

Stomach diseases, especially diarrhea can lead to water shortages during the sarire. Just enough water to keep the body hydrated and take liquid food.