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Drink water at the right time.

waterWho does not want to stay healthy? The hope of a healthy life and a beautiful rose yoga, diet, exercise, how much more we exercise. But did you know that none of this will work unless all of the effort is not only to drink water at the right time. Drinking water is the right time to think again! But yes! Drinking water is also certain is that during the time we get purotuku benefits of drinking water. Otherwise, the body is made of a lot of time varying disturbance. Let’s look at the right occasions of drinking water.

1. Before you brush your teeth
Many people choose to brush their teeth for drinking water next time. Especially in the morning, tooth brush, brush your teeth or eating dinner, drink a little water to the people. But listen a little differently, but the fact that it is not likely to brush their teeth immediately after drinking water is good for health. In the meantime, drinking water, because it contains higher levels of fluoride. This additional amount of fluoride toothpaste and fluoride comes from. So if you want to drink water, brush your teeth before you drink a lot of it. And do not try to brush something to drink 40-45 minutes.

II. Before a meal
Who is not aware of the health? So this is a process to follow health and well-received tremendous good results. It’s not just our words, doctors are encouraged to make drinking water 30 minutes before a meal. Especially if you are quite crude, the panituku drink before a meal will help to reduce your stomach is empty space.

3. After waking up
Sleeping almost all the organs inside the human body goes to rest-pratyangai. After some time sleeping and pulled the body becomes much useless. Mass inertia of the whole body. And so the morning drink of water. You fall asleep only to wake up from it, but will run on your limbs.

4. Before going to bed
According to doctors, to drink a glass of water before going to bed with a man like heart attack and stroke risk prevention. Makes a lot more healthy. High blood pressure also keeps away people from drinking a glass of water before going to sleep.

5. During illness
The human body has always been home to various illnesses are tied. Nothing else but a little dizziness, headache or muscle jarata it takes nityadinai minor issues. The small but annoying and painful matters from at least eight glasses of water a day to drink not been released to try. This body ghamabe, digest food, and the body will be out of all germs. It is no wonder then if they are sick. Drink a lot of water when you are sick.