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Make condensed milk at home.



The simple solution of condensed milk to make milk tea. Meal worms to bring the taste of sweet condensed milk to use. The trust bought the casket was taken to the milk market. But the pure milk, condensed milk with healthier ways you can make your own decision. Many cookies, bread, entrée purotaya manually from the practice. This device is very useful, so the house can be made to do harm? Those who are eager to learn new recipes all the time they can immediately take a look at a simple way to make condensed milk.

Which will

Half liter of pure milk, one cup of sugar, a pinch of baking soda.

How to Do

Milk and sugar in a pan over medium heat with a light on. So keep an eye out to stop the spread of scalding milk. Phutate milk within 15 minutes without a reddish color will be. See more dudhata 0 minutes after the goal has become thicker and becoming foam bubbles. At this time, you’ll feel naratei Stir the milk concentrations. Turn off the oven with baking soda and stir well to mix. This may feel the pinch of baking soda dudhata is thin and the color has changed. But if the color of cold will be all right. Repeatedly waving to cool.
Kandensada milk in diameter and it’s absolutely true. From now on you for any use can be made of condensed milk in his hand. When cold foods in the refrigerator or use the save.