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Alerts of using body spray !


bodyBody generally increases linearly with increase in the use of the warm spray. Many of them think that such a striking personality into cosmetics. So they are muted throughout the year, using body spray. But the obsession with sweet touches the body, and to be counterproductive.
Body spray harmful to the skin. This information is publicly known. But very few people think about how much damage could be. Let us assume that what might be the problem
– Body spray chemicals from the skin rash may occur.
– On the skin may be black dye dye stain.
– In the case of itching is a common problem thubai.
– Skin cancer can be.
– It  can effect on olfactory.
– Body spray creates a kind of punk mentality. Do not forget, if you spray, you will feel your body is getting all of the bad smell.
– Some body spray’s appeal to the opposite , who said. This is wrong.
In addition, some doctors urged caution in the use of body spray. According to them, at a distance from the skin, body spray should be used. According to many, the sleeve can be used to spray on the body. So as to spread the perfume of your skin will be protected. However, the use of the best brands in the spray. Otherwise, the composition may be the occasional item of clothing.