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Another recipe of garlic.

Another-recipe-of-garlic.Most of our daily foods, garlic is used. I will share with you a recipe for another type of garlic
Garlic rosteda.Another-recipe-of-garlic.

  •  Garlic in a large number of washing away the excess, if any shell unbroken 1/4 or 1½-inch cut on the bottom left.
  •  Place on a baking pan, cut side of the top. All the better if it is taken muffin pan. With a teaspoon of olive oil each rasune then cover them with foil to prihita of 00 degrees oven 30-35 minutes or until it is soft to Beck.
  • After the cold garlic imported from KwaZulu cutting knife or spoon to press out.
  • By now, if I can eat this rosteda garlic, can not eat with bread, catake can give no recipes, soups, baked potato or pasta you can eat mixed sase Apply.