“Bangla topic” a completely differentiating portal by the youngsters

We are living in the age of excellence in science.In every case, science has progressed. Young society is moving forward, get in the hand with the discovery of information technology and science.

Young and youth are making special contributions to the IT sector to make the country economically prosperous in addition to various development activities.

This resulted in a lot of foreign currency coming to the country. Online media is one of the most important tools in the IT sector. In April of 2017, three young entrepreneurs started the online portal BanglaTopic‘ to use this medium.

Their goal is to reach out known,unknown information to all over the people of Bengali language. The publisher, secretary and seven editors of their current path. One of their main objectives is to help them by providing part-time jobs to the students working at the university.

In this sector of information technology they want to move forward at a fast pace to keep the Vision of Government-2041.

These young warriors want to take new goals with new enthusiasm to move towards the development of BanglaTopic’ and this country.

Their aim is to take the country’s IT sector to the top of the development

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