What is the correct method of hand washing?

The childhood education. Must wash hands before eating. Otherwise diseases. Hand washing right. But what is being sterilized? Is not. Because, as you were washing your hands, enough defect. When you wash your hands, how to wash? See. That’s right. So hand washing. But the germ of what’s going on?

Can not. Not to speak. Because there is a defect dhoyatei hand. Hands should be washed frequently. If infection is low. Healthy body. Drum-beating drums, tackling will not wash their hands raised. Just like a little soap and water. Or a hand sanitizers. Home or office, is to come into contact with throughout the day to manuseraechara Make use of a variety of different things. Tables, chairs, or perhaps never put their hands to ground. I mean, flying germs. Eyes, nose or mouth without hands, that’s all.

Germs entering the body easily. Dhutei to escape from the hands of the infection. Wash hands before cooking and eating. Wound treatment, drug treatment before eating or sick and injured people. Wearing contact lenses or wash hands before opening. Cook, especially raw fish, meat, cooking, wash your hands after mast. After using the toilet. After you change diapers. After sneeze and cough. After playing with a pet. Wound treatment, drugs, or eat sick or injured people after treatment. After the laundry and shoe cleaning. Wash your hands after join hands with anyone. That gives doctors advice.

How to wash your hands?

The hands should be soaked in water. Hand soap should be. 15 seconds to rub. Good rub down to the water. Napkin to remove his hand. Napkin should be taken close to call.

What is the correct method of hand washing?

With soap and water, rub the palm of the hand to take the crown. To rub between the fingers. Better to be at the top of the hand rub. At the base of the thumb to rub. You need to rub a finger at the top. To rub the tip of the nail. Be cleaned by rubbing the wrist. Must be removed to dry well. Wash hands. But the rules. Say Bye Bye pm pm germ.

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