Verizon will be 5 g Services this year

Some of the 11 cities in the US high-speed wireless Internet service for the customer to set up an experiment telecommunications service provider, Verizon has set a target. The company expects the first half of this year, the implementation of this goal.

According bheraijanera from short range service now in Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Seattle and Washington, DC, will be introduced.

Bheraijanera had assured 016, 017 since they launched the service wants to 5 g. Verizon is moving well towards the goal.

5 G with the introduction of 4G services in the current 10 to 100 times higher than the minimum speed and is expected to be able to offer 10 Gigabit per second download speed.

Earlier in January aarekati another telecommunications service provider, plans to launch jianiyechila etiendati 5 g.

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