Unbelievable! Mars announced to build the city

Mars is the first city in the United Arab Emirates to build a new project has taken. In coordination with specialized international organizations and scientific institutions in the city will be built in 117. The announced madhyapracera this country.

UAE Vice President Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Mangal 117. The project was announced. Sheikh Mohammed said the Fifth Summit of the World Government, a long-time dream of landing on the other. Our goal is to implement international dream.

UAE tweeted about the move, he said, to promote science and technology for human and they are working.

Birbatite government has said the aim of the project; Mars and the community to establish a mini-city. 117. The project’s objective is to promote the well-being of the research work and international scientific organization established by a group of scientists to prepare Emirati.

The United Arab Emirates announced 014 missions to Mars in July. At the same time as the first country in the Arab world to go into space, according to; By 2021, which will land space.

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