There is a danger of rice, details

Calata took a boil wash. Rice plate was white hot. If you do not think the rice! But there is a danger of the rice. There is a huge amount of arsenic in rice. If you do not give up eating rice? Not at all. To save the poisoned rice. See aphabita twenty-four. Poison rice.

Dusk seven. The fish and rice. Lunch or dinner, the habit of eating lots of Bengalis overwhelmed wrists pinned forever. Not bread, lunch and dinner to understand ordinary Bengalis, white rice. With curry, fish or meat. The hidden danger bhatei. Extreme danger.

Rice from the rice. Cooking method is simple. Because of a procedural error, but we bring danger. Queen’s University of Belfast researchers came up with sensational information.

Pesticides and industrial wastes that due to some arsenic in the grain is deposited. But since the cultivation of rice in the water, so the amount of arsenic in rice and other crops than 10 times higher than 0. If the amount of arsenic in rice, from cancer, diabetes, and heart disease is quite possible enhanced. Although somewhat less risk in adults, children worry about. For children, the amount of arsenic affect intelligence. Disease resistance, growth is hampered. Not only rice, rice, rice contains arsenic in any danger sisukhadyei.

Is there a way to protect you from these dangers? Researchers say the rice cooking process will take a little change.
The amount of rice, representing nearly 5-fold with water to cook.
And nearly half reduces the amount of arsenic.
After the rice is soaked overnight in water to 5 times when cooking chemicals, toxins, and nearly 80 percent of the reduced levels of arsenic.
The amount should be kept in a bowl of dry rice.
5-fold in the rice soaking rice overnight in water.
Clear in the morning until the water wash the rice well.

Rice will have to extract water from the well.
The rice should be mixed with a little salt.
Boil water in the rice bowl of rice should be 5 times.
Low heat for 10-15 minutes to cook without lid containers.
The rice should be soft with the sleeve of the vessel.
Then you learn from arsenic, the researchers claimed.

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