The Debate over love Hrithik-Kangana

Bollywood star Hrithik-Kangana never ending speculation about the past relationship. The debate has been revived repeatedly choked. Roshan’s family against the bar once again opened up the debate and gave fuel to the fire “of the heroine ranguna.

Kangana said in a recent interview, Hrithik Roshan family threatened to keep his mouth shut. Kangana explosive interview with the demand, they are powerful family. Who were told that, his mouth will be opened by the end of my career. The actress said that she was not afraid of the threat. In his words, fear not. Because I knew I did not do anything wrong.

That relationship, it’s gone now. Kangana also accepted. According to him, this event is no longer prasangikatai his life. Neighborhood gossips say, “Kris 3 ‘increased familiarity between the two since the photo shoot. However, both personal e-mail within a few days after expressing bitterness in the relationship grew. Gariyechila to the court.

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