Seven to discover Earth-like planets: the possibility of the existence of life

Seven planets the size of Earth’s solar system, astronomers have discovered. The seven planets are revolving around nearby stars in our solar system. Scientists believe that there may be life on the seven. The journal Nature reported the discovery of seven planets. According to reports, NASA skitajara skesa Telescope and several ground-based agency reviewers found the planet. Seven of the 40 light-years away from Earth, the planets around stars are moving.

The discovery has been described as unprecedented in the history of astronomy. The reason being, the size of planets like the earth and the water can not exist in them. Should the existence of planets suitable for life in the water and the weather may be. According to the researchers, three of the seven planets to live animals may be appropriate.

This study has led the Belgian astronomer Michael Gilan University of lease. He said many of these planets around stars very close to each other, which reminds us of the moon around the planet Jupiter. Gilan said, still a star much smaller and cooler temperate seven grahai. Which means there is liquid water and possibly life grhaprsthe said. Cooler and smaller stars has been named tryapista -1. According to astronomers, the stars tryapista -1 E, F and G may contain the name of the three oceans on the planet. Scientists said the telescope will study the planet’s atmospheric conditions. And more information will be released.

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