Robote will give tax : Bill Gates

As long as the robot automaton is taking over the work of human hands. So bring robatakeo tax is thinking. Robot need to impose income taxes on top of the world one of the richest and Microsoft co-founder Bill said counsel getasatara, who took the job, so robataderao like the ‘taxes’ should.

People in developed countries are responsible for different purposes robot or robots that make life easier. And the work is making robaterao. Recently, an online magazine called quartz Bill Gates said in an interview.

Bill Gates said in an interview, “to work in a variety of factory workers, who earn 50 thousand dollars, they are taxes on the income. From their income tax, social security tax including tax is different. Similarly, if the robot income, their tax can be collected. ”

Caring for elderly people and children with a robot from the tax can be spent at the school said Bill Gates. A report is quartz, the European Union (EU) lawmakers gave a prelude to pay taxes on bobatera. But the law has been canceled.

Robot-taxes in the sense that all can work. For example, older people care, etc. given to school children. The work of these men can stand beside the people. That is employment.

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