Priyanka arrive in Dhaka on Friday to become the heroine Nirob

The evidence can be found in a new pair of images on the silver screen chemistry. Silence partnership with the heartthrob actor evidence tying me that you are going to perform in Kolkata ciradinai ‘fame actress Priyanka government. The name of the film starring Priyanka niraba ‘hearts.

Shooting of the film will be the first week of March. Will be held before the premiere of his gorgeous, 5 February. While the present maharate on Friday (February 4) morning flight to arrive in the capital from Calcutta to Kolkata for the first time Priyanka Jago News has confirmed.

Cell phones, he said, “the first week of January,” the heart of the film have signed an agreement for the performance. I got a great photo stories. Moreover, the film is my weakness. Thus, going to work. “Priyanka said, adding,” The foundation of my father BIkrampur.

My country therefore has a separate pull. The hero of the film Silence of the country with the hope that her father would be a great picture, “the heart.” However, he said a silent hero, “a film based on the story of ‘the heart’. Many can be seen in the climax of love throughout the whole picture. And this time the heroine in Calcutta for the first time are going to work with. “Bollywood” Bala “film hero expect this,” the heart of the film for the audience to bring something altogether lovely.

The silent-film produced by Creative Media World, Priyanka will play more than rajatabha Dutta of Kolkata, Suchorita, Kazi Hayat, Subrata addition to many more. The film will be directed by young filmmaker Rafiq Sikder. In fact, the popular silent hero.

Could he returns soon, the two images will be released in the name of the target. The paper-law ‘,’ non hanyate ‘damadolasa, rajakahini popularity also has several films in Kolkata Priyanka.

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