Orchestra made a record of Afghan women

Join the arkestraya will die. Their threats to leave the house could be moved. Afghan women overcome the barriers set an example before the world orchestra.

On Friday, the World Economic Forum in the presence of nearly three thousand siiora orchestra curiosity spread around the display.

Conservative Afghan society out of their houses is prohibited. Once you step outside the house to take with male members. A lot of girls going to school restrictions. And the music is associated with a big evil. Afghan girls showed everything but the thumb. Co garalena orchestra. The name of the group is’ jahra.

Nejina name sponsors. The program will return to Europe during the year 0 nejina. Bullet or bomb the day often starts with the words of Afghan women.

Kabul ‘jahra’ orchestra gives the team exercises. Many threats and obstacles they have to face. Nejinara before any orchestra in the world of Afghan women did not come forward earlier. Afghanistan alternate religious rule. Was once under the rule of the Taliban. And no one could imagine that one day women will take part arkestraya. The Taliban regime has ended. Afghan women are rallying around the new.

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