New device to prevent hackers

Using a public Wi-Fi? Or seeking public outlet to charge the mobile phone? Experts feel the need to consider the second. If you want to catch hackers.

A cyber security firm ‘athentika 8’. Pike’s founder Drew. He recently told CNN, from public outlets and Wi-Fi hackers can enter any of the smartphone. They attacked in that manner is called “Juice jyakim. The system works. Because the phone’s USB cable is designed for data exchange. So when you do not want to, even when hackers can do it.

Pike warned everyone said, as soon as the phone is connected to your phone jyake an outlet may be open to others. Hackers your pictures, text, e-mail, and anything valuable that they could focus. Hackers may intervene even the phone’s camera and keyboard.

But this is not a good way to protect yourself from the situation. Only one of you will be traveling with a portable battery. Few safe place or will take charge of the house. With no one else to turn to the bank or not be able to nose throat. Or you can buy a USB cable to charge-only. This cable can not transfer data. It’s just that charge.

According to Pike, hackers take advantage of public outlets safety public apathy. Eighty percent of the people do not think about the safety of any of the outlets. The cyber criminals are taken suyogatii.

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