Lips unknown mysteries

Well, that speaks to your lips, you know what he is? Lips, speak again! Mister you fucking insane? Oh no! Believe it if you look closely, you can tell that there is something going on every moment on your lips.

In fact, in-service days have become so busy that we do not have the time to listen to your body. So I decided to write this article. We turned those eyes from the body, but they will read this article. If you do not, but the body, especially the lips, but will be very angry. Lips, very important part of the body, with which we speak, eat, and sometimes even do a lot of fun. But in addition to these qualities that our lips are lipasa or the rest of the animals, which does not have lips. What then too late! Unknown to many know about the lips.

Information 1: Our body is the most sensitive part of the lip. According to multiple reports, at least in this part of the body has millions of nerve. But there is no syntax to protect the nerve membrane. Imagine, then, the most soft place, but there is no one to protect him. Sadly, what not!

Data II: all organs of the body sweat, but sweat is not never lip. Do you know why? This is part of the sweat glands of the body. So very quickly dry out the lips.

Information 3: Finger print with one another, such as finger prints do not match, so the lips, but all of us are different. So if you think you have a friend’s lip with lip are very common, you think wrong.

4: Lip is the only organ in the body, such as the outside, inside there.

Information 5: Do you have to know, as age increases, so our lips began to be obese. In fact, our body gets older it started to decline kolejenera production. As a result, the lips began to lose its beauty.

6. Information: how to love someone, you can get the number, but it is possible to look at your lips. More than one study has proven that it is possible to understand a woman’s lips to see how adept he is someone to love. Abaka hear it, but it takes just 100 Anglican.

7: Like the rest of the body organ lips, but can be disabled. This “Bells Palsy” is called. The facial nerve becomes damaged such peralaisisa.

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