India send together 104 satellite into space

104 satellites in space history seemed to go together in India. The Andhra Pradesh sriharikotaya ‘isarora mahakasakendra from Satish Dhawan India’s Polar Satellite launch vehicle started piesaelabhi 37-C. Earlier, Russia sent in 014 with one of the 37 satellites into space.

The new spacecraft from Earth’s surface consists of 104 satellites successfully exited. However, only 3 of the Indian satellites and excluded all foreign-rest. 101 of the 88 satellites of the American foreign satellites. The rest of the 13 different countries. Samudraprsta satellites in orbit about 500 kilometers above the will of heaven.

The first C-37 was launched on Wednesday piesaelabhi karatosyata II. The rest is, except one. That being said, the service remote sensing satellites into space to send photographs from various parts of the world. The future of the disputed coastal areas are being asked to send pictures.

1350 total weight of 104 kg satellites. The only satellites weighing 500-600 kg. India sent two satellites together in 016. According to observers, this will start to show their dominance of India launched the heavens.

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