“India keep feet on the ‘Mars’ ground!

India has sent all the low-cost, go to Mars. Ekapaka orbit around the Red Planet has recovered mangalayana India. Now one more for the road is to make history in India. Now a group of Indian researchers is to study the red planet’s feet. However, it is not directly Mars. A prototaipe India will step on Mars.

However, the Mars Desert Research Station in the study will be made on a Habitat prototype. Mars will be an indication of the weather. Sand Dust Storm will also study the effect of constantly taking place on Mars. The bacteria present in the human body, how much can harm the environment of Mars, it will also be examined.

From January 1 to February 8 this year, the campaign will continue till. America’s Mars Desert Research Station in Uta (emadiaraesa) will be held for this study. This program has been organized for the past 16 years, the United States, the research center. More than 1,000 young people have taken part in this program. However, this is the first time an Indian team in emadiaraesa research. After the study, the experts seem to be improving mangalayatrara the issue.

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