I am his beloved sister in low: Mim

All films have played in the city’s modern woman. There was a film based on the story of the love-love. Now the story of the village for the first time, you’re starring in a general’s daughter. “The words spoken in the generation of the popular actress Vidya Sinha Mim.

He directed manatajura Rahman Akbar ‘in law live “working in the film. Music of the film was shot on Wednesday Singair Manikganj. Online on the sidelines while Mim gave him one. Experience of working in the film, he said, “It’s much better to work on this film. Here is a story of the film is beautiful.

At the same time I got a lot of things here. Beautiful like a character in a story, received with great artists. Bappi earlier films I’ve done quite a few, have been working with the upper monsoon. Eater’s the first time you’re working with. “Asked Mim-eater like to work with, said:” He is much better as a human being.

It’s very good to work with his brother eater. The film can be seen, he is my in law; I am his beloved sister. But he sees me as his daughter. He took me to the reality of love. He collaborated as co-star. “Mim said about his work:” I usually try to do a little work selectively.

That’s when the picture works, and it is expected to. This film is a story of family, director manatajura Rahman Akbar, all combined to a little more than I expected. ” Mahurat Feb 16, through Thursday, biephadisite film starts shooting. Are film Monowar eater, seasonal, Bappi and Mim. Eater and seasonal played together before, ‘good luck’ in the film.

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