How will small of lux sleep

Two hours of sleep is not a long drag. NAP, meaning the eye closed a little repose. 30 minutes of light sleep. And so neat, to be fresh. After a lot of research has shown, the NAP makes it more alert. Enhances performance and creativity.

Heart is good. Less tension. As a result, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. But how NAP works will be on the sidelines? How NAP If you get good results? Let’s take note itself 1) Do not take more than 30 minutes and NAP. If you feel fatigue opposite.

B) Choose a quiet place beforehand. No rest where you will not be interrupted. 3) The light can be used to avoid a face mask.

NAP is powerful in the dark. 4) With the light, so that the noise does not enter the ear, and the byabasthatio. 5) Keep the room temperature is normal.

6) 1pm to 3pm, the ideal time for NAP.

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