Apple’s new spaceship going to the office in April

apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs’s dream office would be inaugurated in April this year. On Wednesday, Apple chief executive Tim Cook announced in a statement. Two percent of the 90 million square feet of office Proposal Steve Jobs. The office is located in California koparatinote built on 175 acres of land.

011 proposals presented at a ceremony spaceship-shaped office. Green tree in a garden filled with plants, where it is spoken. The office building is too late to build a large-scale economic reasons. For that reason, but it was not supposed to be opened in 015 authorities.

One of the building has an auditorium seat, which has been renamed in honor of Steve Jobs. At a cost of approximately $ 5 million to start the program from the Apple aphisatite April. It will take approximately 6 months to complete the transfer of the office. The office is now considered the world’s most well-equipped and is in the office.

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