After 30 years comply with the rules

Follow the religion of every day life, we are a little aged. The body becomes weak. Decreased capacity to work or labor. Around the Body scattered throughout the 5 years since our countless seledera performance began to decline gradually.

35 And they peaked peralei dijenaresana processes. And it started to make his mark in the body, the skin loses its beauty. The body’s immune system began to decline. As a result, a variety of complex diseases, slowly surrounded us. So long to stay healthy and beautiful peralei number 30 should comply with the rules. What are the rules? Let’s know about.

Tip 1: to reduce excessive drinking coffee. If not, the young barabe uncontrolled increase in cell dijenaresana process. So long as you stay healthy, then the levels of caffeine in kamanota.

Tip two: age 30 to have banana diet peralei Rose’s mast! This is because when the body is deficient in potassium, such as the Hormonal imabelensera samasya thrived. And so began one after another lodge in the body and disease. So from today, make friends kalake stay healthy. You will be able to stay active for many days.

Tip 3: Eat more green leafy vegetables. Especially as spinach can, as Khan. Because of this, there are plenty of sakatite Follett, blood count, which is reinforced by increasing the body from all sides.

Tip 4: After 30 years, the bones begin to weaken. So this time, plenty kyalasiyama rich foods, such as milk, yogurt, etc. will eat more.

Tip 5: citrus fruits to eat in a day. As a result of this type of large amounts of Vitamin C, which is to improve the body’s immune system, causing various diseases and help to keep away.

Tip 6: Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be at the time. You must not at any time on an empty stomach. In addition to the loss of the ability to digest because it can increase blood sugar levels, resulting in complex diseases such as diabetes increases the risk.

Tip 7: eat more foods rich in omega-three acids are phyati. This component of brain cells plays an important role is to prevent the loss of performance.

Tip 8: 30 since the alcohol should be reduced. This is because the body has too much inaphlametari response. The level of alcohol in the body andare inaphlamesanera adds. As a result, the body began to break.

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