50-year-old survivor of microbiology!

Meksikara ninaka hot as hell at the same time attractive and has been named to this place and Hell pheirilyanda. Ninakara in the cave there is a remarkable combination of the crystal. Many hobby went to visit this place. However, NASA’s

Astronomy Now biologists have discovered a group ninakake absolutely differently. 9 years ninakara fold crystal cave research team found 50-thousand-year-old and dormant microbes. Astrology Biology Institute at NASA’s recently revealed Penelope basatana.

The 50-thousand-year-old anujibara iron and manganese mineral depends on the alive. Basatana scientific conference, said: “These are truly Super Life ‘. Ninakara 60 degrees Celsius, the temperature difference between the ancient and the anujibagulora presence proves that they can not survive well in the hostile environment. Researchers want to make a more detailed study of the anujibagulo.

Samagotri microbiology and microbial ninakara found in a cave in the lab experiment with the genetic structure of the researchers said. Earlier, a research team in ice-million-year-old had to look microbes. But since ninakara anujibagulo 60 degrees Celsius temperature of the crystal is alive with curiosity, so they do exist.

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